Why I’ve stopped doing low cost interior design

At first, I wanted to write about the changes I did in my activity, specially the change of prices. Indeed, for those who are following me for a while, you probably saw the changes, from "2-figure low cost interior design" prices to 3 (and more) and I wanted to tell you how it happened. But the subject is really tricky and it seems really difficult for me to write about it. You should know that it’s draft #6...or is it #7 ? Of course, speaking openly about prices is not something we see a lot (at least in France). So I’ve decided to just write and see what’s coming. That’s the way it goes with last minute work. Letting go of your controling side and giving space to full creativity. That’s when the magic usually happens (And I hope it will happen now!)

The dream

I wanted to talk about the vision I have for my work. It’s the starting point.

Building a business is a long road, specially when you have an ambitious vision like mine. You see, I dream that one day, all interiors will be designed. Just imagine. Getting rid of those weird interiors you can’t use just because not optimised. Just imagine having beautiful interiors everywhere. I know some people don’t care but hopefully, if you are here, it means you do. Maybe not with such a fancy vision, but at least, you know how important it is to have a comfortable interior that fit your needs.

That’s a dream, I know. I’m completely aware of that. But it doesn’t prevent me from finding ideas leading to this utopian goal. That’s the ultimate purpose of a vision after all.

The mistake

My first attempt to reach it was creating low cost interior design. Well, not « creating » as it was already existing on the market. But still, I gave it a try, thinking it was the good way. After all, if everybody can hire an interior designer, it will make possible to reach more and more places.

I thought managing my time in a certain way would be enough.

But I forgot several things.

First, you can try to get cheaper and cheaper, it will always be too expensive for somebody. Either because they have only enough money to live or because some people are just interested by free stuff and don’t value the time and work of others.

Secondly, I forgot I was a perfectionnist. Meaning I can’t stand to end up with an « ok » idea, just because my time is out. I will spend time until I get the result which works.

Thirdly, I realized that a renovation project is an important step for people who are taking it and therefore, they need and deserve all the support and time I can give them. Not a person who always keeps an eye on the clock.

Just with this, the idea of low cost interior design was off.

Aiming for the future

On the way, I realised I was just getting out of a trap. Indeed, for few months, I was playing the game of the « cheaper and cheaper » demand.

I always knew this way of thinking was killing the field of interior design and every other fields connected to creativity. So many stories go around the internet, people asking professionnals for free services or asking for it in exchange of….giving them a project they can show in their book. Creative jobs are already so poorly considered… And by offering low cost interior design, I was part of this system I didn’t like.

diagram graphic design Fast Cheap Great impossible

This is the kind of joke which is running around the graphic design world and is reaching other field like interior design

With this new perspective in mind, I organized my priorities in an other order:

1. my clients need time and support and I will give it to them

2. interior design needs time, therefore it can’t be nearly free.

3. if I want to reach my goal, or at least try to make it closer to reality, I need to aim for the future and make my activity sustainable.

Opening new ways

I’m conscious that it will limit a lot of people to get this service. But at the same time, it gives me lot of ideas to share some free ressources (which I've started on this blog).

Close a door another one will open. I don’t know yet which free options I will offer but the list is quite long and gives even more opportunities to reach new people. It won’t be full design services or personalised support but at least tools I have which I can share to help you or people you may know.


I don’t know where it is going (like this post !) but to start somewhere, if you know about charity organization working for housing or this kind of field in which an interior designer can be useful, send me a message :)

For all the other ideas I have, stay tuned here on the blog or on my social medias to be sure you’re not missing it the day it’s launched. Of course, the easiest way being subscribing to my monthly newsletter to get the info right in your inbox. Just subscribe here.

Have a beautiful day


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