Why interior design ?

When speaking about interior design with others, a question usually always comes up : « Why interior design ? ». Of course, depending of the context, this question has several meanings. From « Why did you choose to become an interior designer ? » to « Tch, why interior design ? What’s the point ? (*shrug*) ». For me, the easiest question to answer to is not the one you may think. Let’s wrap everything together. After all, it’s all working together and connected to the same idea.

Why interior design ? Why did I choose to become an interior designer ?

Few weeks ago, I would have answered « I don’t know ».

As you understood if you’ve already read my About page or my « Who am I ? » blogpost, the idea of interior design came to me like falling from the sky. True evidence, true vocation.

So when I really had to give an answer to this question, I had to take time to think about it. I actually had to ask myself an other question. Why interior design seems so important to me that I’ve stick with it anyway anyhow ?

Because seriously, let’s face it, there must be a reason for that. Why on earth did I stick to this field which is far from giving the best professionnal opportunities in the world ? Why did I choose this time-consuming hardly-paying job (even if the romantic picture of the rich architect is still running around in minds) ?

It can be different for each interior designer, but for me, it was really related to the idea of the Home. Here’s the short version of what came out :

« Our home is a refuge. It’s a medium to take new steps in life. It is a landmark in everyday life. Looking after our interior is looking after ourselves. It's creating the sense of well-being and protection needed to go outside. »


Why interior design ? Why is it so important at home ?

Home is where everything starts, happens and connects at some point in our lives. It’s where we get our energy back before going out again. The physical energy from sleeping of course, but also the energy coming from a feeling : comfort.

Comfort of having a roof above our head (it has always been this way).

Comfort of living in a place full of good memories where we can meet family, having friends for dinner or watching our favorite movie.

But also the comfort in itself, living in a space that looks like us, which makes everything easy for us.

At home, we are like our smartphones, we recharge batteries.

So for me, it’s quite obvious that a home should be the best place in the world. Not « best » as in « marble floor and walls made of gold » but as in giving a true enjoyable feeling when you come through the door. If it’s not always easy to have the control of our lives and memories, interior design is the most efficient way to start with, the easiest to control to get quick results on our well-being.

Why interior design ? What’s the point ?

The point of interior design is to make everyday life easier.

It’s about finding solutions to make the place matching your habits and needs. It’s about adapting the space and getting rid of any uncomfortable feeling. It’s about getting the most out of a place to get the most enjoyable feeling by being in it.

That’s why it’s always personalised, because nobody has the same needs or tastes. Something that’s practical for someone will not be for an other. And surely, what’s beautiful for a person will not be for the neighbour.

Reality is, everybody has already done interior design at some point. Indeed, every time you move into a new place, you arrange your furniture or maybe you demolish a partition. It’s completely natural as we always try to adapt the place for our own comfort.


Why interior design ? Why would I pay for something I can do by myself ?

I’m surely not neutral on this question, but trust me when I say an interior designer is useful.

First, when speaking about what we truly need, we are usually the last one to know about it. For most people, it’s really easy to know what we don’t want but another thing to be able to tell what we actually want. And this can end up with wrong interpretations.

Then, like every DIY, the result is never 100 % perfect. The situation will maybe be better but not reaching the 100 % comfort you are looking for. Sometimes, by solving a problem, it even creates another you didn’t anticipate. Just because there’s another solution you didn’t see by lack of perspective or knowledge.

And finally, the most usual, the problem can be so tricky to solve that people don’t find the solution by themselves and just decide to let go of the renovation idea and just deal with the problem everyday. Hello stress and frustration.

In any case, it’s really difficult to take the best decision for a place you know. Even for me. When you know a place too well, it can be impossible to imagine it looking any other way. There’s not enough perspective then it’s really easy to go past the good solution.

An interior designer is here to help you on all these points. Putting things in perspective, having an overview of the situation, understanding what you truly want even without you knowing it. Solving the problem and anticipating others, finding solutions to the most unsolvable puzzle.

And making all this really beautiful in the end.

In short, an interior designer keeps you away from a lot of headaches and brings you further than what you expected :)


For me, being an interior designer means helping you to create the place made for you.

To do so, I’m happy to share all my precious knowledges and ideas with you. You can get all these goodies directly in your inbox, or choose to book a consultation with me so we can have a little chat. As you prefer !

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