Bedroom: the Bedroom / Storage Battle

Bedrooms are usually the field for a huge dilemma. Keep it clean and focused on sleep ? Or use all this space for extra storage ? It’s no surprise the last one usually wins as we are keeping so many things in our homes. Some guidance can therefore be useful if you are in the middle of this bedroom / storage battle. The main goal being obviously to focus on your sleep, here are 4 easy rules to follow :

Keep it clean

Obviously, I will not speack about how to clean but rather about hiding the mess. Sometimes, we don’t have time to tidy up clothes, books and bags all day long. If on top of that, you have your library in there, your restful hotel-like bedroom will be gone in no time. That’s when having closed furniture is useful. A nightstand with a drawer, a dresser for your bags or a shelves system with sliding doors will do miracles very easily.


Keep the balance

Having a tidy space doesn’t mean big squared full-height furniture is the good solution. The easiest, yes, the best, clearly not. If every piece of furniture in your bedroom is a compact block, it will be like living in a furniture storage unit. And that’s not the best to feel relax and cosy. So keep the balance. If you are choosing the full-size wardrobe, decide to go for the suspended nightstand. If the nightstand is a volume standing on the floor, a nice dresser raised on small legs sounds like a good option.


Sort out before deciding your bedroom storage

Probably it should be the first point. But because it’s a painful one, every person will surely do their own best to avoid it, which I can understand ! I had to go through this before moving to Sweden but I must say it was a relief to get rid off so many useless things. We usually don’t realise how much clutter we keep until we have to clean the place. Therefore, my best advice would be to check your bedroom (and home) and see if everything in there is absolutely important for you. Because it’s probably not the case, sorting out should be your next step to a nice bedroom with just the right amount of furniture.


Keep decoration at its minimum

For 2 reasons, decoration items in the bedroom should stay as scarce as possible. First because all your favorite objects and pieces of art will benefit by standing on their own. Secondly, because having numerous objects to showcase means fill in the space and add furniture to put them on. If you have too many items to show for the size of your home, take the other way around and organise a turnover. Choose 2 or 3 of your favorite items (objects or frame) and put them nicely in your bedroom. Keep the rest aside. Every 2 months or so, put them away and replace with 3 other items. You’ll see you will enjoy the view of your decorations even more and the feeling in the room will be a relief.


Let’s wrap it up !

To manage a smart balance of your bedroom storage :

● keep a clean view and hide as much as you can ;

● keep a balance in the volume of your furniture by mixing big pieces with light and/or suspended ones ;

sort out and make sure you are not saving space for objects you’re not caring about anymore ;

● keep decoration as scarce as possible and prefer creating a turnover, changing items every 2 months.


Hopefully this 4 guidelines will help you dealing with the bedroom/storage dilemma.

What your bedroom looks like right now ? Do you feel you managed to create a balance ? Tell me all about it in the comments below, I’d be curious to hear about the solutions you’ve chosen.

If you are looking for more inspiration about bedroom layout, furniture or decoration, check all the #DreamyBreak theme on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You will surely find everything you need :) If that’s not the case, send me a message and I’ll help you getting the good idea to plan your bedroom.

Enjoy your day !


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