Mezzanine : play with the heights

When you create a mezzanine, you have to deal with 3 entities at the same time : The first floor, the second floor, and the space in which they both take place. 3 differents heights you will have to manage at the same time to guarantee the practicability and aesthetics of all. Let see how you can play with the heights to make the most of the 3 of them.

Mezzanine ergonomy

Before creating a mezzanine, you have to be clear on what will be the purpose and check how it can fit in your space.

If you have a room of more than 5 meters high, do not worry, you can do everything you want as you will be able to have 2 perfectly normal floors. Indeed, the standard height for a living space is 2,50 meters. The only thing which will make you call your second floor a « mezzanine » is the fact that you will keep it open on the first floor.

The lower the height becomes, the smaller the mezzanine should be.

If you have less than 5 meters, that’s when you will need to think about what you want exactly and which sacrifices you are ready to make. The easiest way to guide you is to list some basic dimensions :

2,20 m : a space in which you can stand and be comfortable standing. The feeling will be less comfortable than a standard space but can be cosier too. A kitchen can fit under a mezzanine lying 2,2m above it.

2 m : You can stand but will automatically lower your head if you are tall. You will have to choose your lighting system wisely as it can take some height too (spot, suspensions,…)

1,80 m : You will lower your head automatically, no matter how tall you are and, of course, lean if you are taller than 1,80 m.

1,50 m : an adult will have to lean to move in the space but this height remains perfect for kids up to 10 years old (approx.)

0 ,90 m : A space where you can only sit. You can move around but only by crawling. Your mezzanine will have to be of limited area and reserved for your bed or other relaxing/cosy space.

And we stop here, meaning in total, the minimum height for your home needs to be 3,4 m to create a proper mezzanine (2,20m + 0,90m + approx 15-30 cm for the structure)

In all the cases listed above, the area will have to stay quite limited as soon as the ceiling will be lower than 2,20m. The lower the height becomes, the smaller the mezzanine should be.

Mezzanine aesthetics : highlight the higher space

Having a proper mezzanine means you have at least 3,4 m height in your main room. This kind of height can feel really empty and awkward if not designed properly. When you have a high space, and specially one with a mezzanine, you want to guide the look of your visitors (or yours!) towards the ceiling.

Your first choice will be to work on the walls. Having something visual on one wall, all the way from the floor to the ceiling is the key. A made to measure bookshelf, a material covering the surface or even a decorative composition of pictures in coordinated frames will make an impression on your visitors and will help connecting the 2 floors together.

The second choice, which can be added to the first, is to catch the look with a decorative element suspended from the ceiling. The most common will be the choice of a remarquable pendant lamp or a cluster of several small lighting as explain in my previous article. But it could be a more artistic piece like a mobile.

Mezzanine aesthetics : showcase the smaller spaces.

When creating your mezzanine, you can of course set up both the spaces upstairs and downstairs very simply by furnishing them separately and that’s all. But… you can also have a little more fun and show some creativity.

Never forget to consider those spaces as a whole and not only as separate spaces one on top of the other. Considering them together, seen from the main room, will help creating a coherent interior.

It will start with the choice of railing obviously. Wood, concrete, plain or transparent, it can either be considered as a continuity of the walls or completely invisible so both the spaces upstairs and downstairs can reveal themselves. There are many other possibilities you can explore.

Maybe those spaces will reveal completely different universes. Maybe each of them will display something special when looking from the main room. Monochromic spaces ? Made to measure furniture as if both spaces where carved in the wall of the main room ? A special lighting atmosphere to separate both spaces from the main one ?

Imagine how it will look when you will stand downstairs in your main room, it will help.

With a mezzanine, possibilities are infinite. But never settle down to a basic layout when you are arranging your spaces. Think about it as a stage displaying your interior. 3 different heights, 3 spaces in one, a room with a facade showing different living spaces.

Do you have a mezzanine at home ? What’s your feeling about it ? How does it change your everyday life ? Tell me everything in the comments below :)

If you have difficulties to decide how to design your mezzanine, contact me and I’ll help you.

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