Maybe Out Of Time : Comeback of the Stars

With the return of the 1950s look and the continuous presence of all styles of Louis, it’s no longer surprising to go through the large loop of furniture trends. There are some, however, which I wouldn’t have thought I’d see again (and perhaps you didn’t either).


That one, it's been a while since it's back in the shops, so we could get used to it little by little. It didn’t prevent the surprise effect at first though. Coming straight from the 15th century, it came back to us in geometric shapes and strangely light aesthetics. So that suddenly, this kind of gray veins on a white background wasn’t repulsive anymore.
The grandmother’s chest of drawers with its Carrara marble top regains a new youth 


 Clocks, by Present Time (picture Emilie Lagrange)


The one who haunted my youth is also back. Eventually, we didn’t get much time to forget it. In the 60's, it made its way continuously until the 90's. For me synonymous with uncomfortable outdoor furniture (always check that one of the stems isn’t twisted at the back, it can hurt in the long run), we have to recognize its capacity to adapt and make itself much more welcoming than before: new designs, flat braiding, cushions in abundance, sheepskins ... For me, definitely worth considering on a terrace, balcony, veranda, winter garden for the lucky ones, and even indoors if you live in a warm area (for the tropical atmosphere).
Have you ever gotten rid of rattan furniture? After years to beg my parents to get rid of their, I gave up. Having seen it over and over again on Pinterest has changed my mind :)


Rattan chair, Asmara, Roro & Eka, by Oliver Bonas (Picture Pinterest)

Crystal glass

Remember these glass bowls or carafes with the cut surface. The elegance of this dish of the sixties comes back to us ... in a twisted way. If it is not forbidden to take advantage of its appearance to embellish a vintage table decoration, some designers (and DIY enthusiasts) have enjoyed turning them into lights. I can’t give them wrong, the crystal-shaped envelope creates magical light effects and their size joins the trend of small suspensions in cluster.


Pendant light, Crystal bulb, by Lee Broom (Picture Pinterest)

The canework

The greatest surprise of this year 2017! Aaah, the memory of the pierced canework from my grandmother’s kitchen chair (grandmothers again!). Cane’s from the 17th century... and more. From the famous Thonet chairs created in 1859 and still occupying Parisian bistros. Beneath its somewhat tacky look from the 70's with its beige surface on black shiny tube, one must admit the extraordinary adaptability of its graphic and lightweight framework. Now matched with colorful cushions, showing itself in more modern straight shapes, it manages to reconquer the public. The real change for me? Canework on natural beech. A splendor.


Chair, 209, by Gebrüder Thonet (Picture Pinterest)

The result of all this? The old is never old for a long time. Yes it’s believed to be outdated because our magazines and Pinterest show us a completely different interior style but the truth is that a style will often come back. Always a bit modified, always differently accessorised but always keeping the identity of its style. And the most interesting point? No more feeling that an old furniture will look out of place in our modern interiors. On the contrary, all these trends returns show us that they are here to give even more style. A little sanding, a new color, a new cushion and here it is, ready to enter the 21st century!

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