Maison&Objet: interior trends 2018

September represents lot of things : summer is ending, school and work are starting again, autumn is already waiting at the door,.... But for all professionals of interior design and home decoration, this september was the time for Maison&Objet 2017, the huge international trade fair for interiors. Taking place in Paris, Maison&Objet is showing no less than 3 000 exhibitors, all ready to reveal interior trends 2018.

I can tell you that I planned my annual holidays in France around this big event ! And after 4 days of walking through the I-don’t-know-how-many-squaremeters of the exhibition, my feet are hurting badly but my mind is lighten by what’s coming for interiors.

Let me guide you :

Keep it soft : It’s all about comfort.

The main focus for the years to come is all around Self-care. Feeling, Mindfulness, Sensuality, Fluidity, Harmony, Balance,… Home is becoming our shelters, more than ever. It’s a cocoon in which we will unplugged from the outside world, in which we will settle in, surrounded by softness. And which other material can create all these feelings better than velvet ? Its visible softness is inviting. Waiting to be touched, inviting to feel the texture, velvet is more and more present, specially on main piece of furniture like couch or armchair. It’s here to last so don’t be afraid to go small steps at a time and start with a bunch of velvet cushions here and there before choosing bigger pieces.


Pols Potten

Your home will never feel cold again : 50 shades of Pink

By thinking cosyness and sensuality, it’s difficult not to think about warm colors. And Pink has clearly the preference. We were used to light pink, but now, we will explore the all palette. From the darkest burgundy to the lightest blush tones, pink is everywhere, declined in a subtil camaïeu in all rooms. And as the society evolves, we get rid of the barrier keeping pink color limited to the feminine world. Even colors like blue will soften by becoming warmer, nearly reaching purple tones.

To say it in the simplest way, pink is the new white.



Welcome to an inviting world : surround yourself with curves

No doubt that curves are the new geometrical trend for 2018, 2019 and who knows how many more years. Quarter, half or complete, circle is everywhere, even mixing with straight lines to become Capsule. It’s again about comfort, getting away from a rigid, anxious world, to enter an inviting and safe space.

Armchairs are envelopping, walls are turning, tables and mirrors are drawing as much circles as possible in the space. Everything to create a smooth feeling of fluidity.



Never stop moving : flexibility is key.

Maison&Objet signs the comeback of the folding screen. Impossible to miss it on the fair. Light, mysterious, part of History, the folding screen is the new removable partition. To separate a desk in the bedroom or divide the living room, the folding screen designs your space. Plenty of style, shapes, colors and materials are showing up, making the screen a unique and precious design object to have in your home.



Self-Care and introspection : it’s time for reflection

« Mindfulness », « Harmony », « Self-care », so many words telling that we take more care of ourselves. And we’re not speaking about appearance here. It’s more about introspection, learning to identify and listen to our deepest needs. If meditation and Yoga are becoming more and more important these days, this spirit is showing in our home thanks to reflecting objects and materials.

Not flashy, brightly shiny objects but soft and subtil reflections showing a dot of light or a blurred picture. In this purpose, colored glass is use as a main material in decoration, furniture and lighting while mirrors are tinted or hidding behind pattern to soften their power of reflection.


Eno Studio

Back to Earth : Ochres are coming in our homes.

If you didn’t understand yet that years to come are all about connecting ourselves to what is essential to our well-being, let’s talk about the last main trend of Maison&Objet : Ochres. Fulfilling the need for warm colors, ochres are also helping to get us back on the ground. Unplugging from our technologic world to connect with our natural roots. Terra cotta, curry, grège, taupe, ... we are going back to the ground state of things.

With matt finishes coming stronger and stronger, it evokes the pure connection to Earth.




Trends are therefore named : Pink, curves, open space and flexibility, glass and ochres will lead the aesthetics of our homes in the next years. Maison&Objet has shown it perfectly and it will be so.

But for me, Maison&Objet is also a place to see the new products of brands I follow and discover new designers. To know eveything about my design crushes and the brands I’ve discovered and now follow closely, be sure to register to the newsletter.

Have a good day and ...connect yourself !


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