Let’s see what we can do to change this place into your Home.

Adapting buildings to the life of their owners is what I do best. I put my brain on « create » and I find you the solution that solves everything. Even when you thought it was not possible.

No magic, only observation and listening. I take time to understand what your life looks like, what are your desires. I observe the pictures and plan you send me to fully comprehend the space and see what is your life today to know what it could become.

Giving people the solution to their ideal home is what I love to do.

Here are 3 different ways we can work together :


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Interior Design Consultation

Talk with me

Furniture position, home organisation, choice of colors, style and atmosphere. So many points you have no answers to. Let’s have a talk and show you the way to a pleasant home. With this consultation, I can help you by :

● Making a diagnostic of your interior and see what’s working and what should be improved  ;

● Discussing furniture layouts which will match both the space and your needs ;

● Suggesting decoration tips to help you create the atmosphere and the feeling you want for your home.

● ● ● ● ●

Interior design Kick-start

Get the solution

In need for ideas and assurance before starting to demolish anything in your place ?Ask me and I’ll show you the best solution that will enhance your interior at the same time.

Kick-start your project by :

● Simply telling me about your story, your tastes and what you are looking for in your home ;

● Getting my expertise and creativity working for you and telling you what’s the right direction to follow ;

● Having guidelines and 3D images of your future home to refer to during the building process.

● ● ● ● ●

Interior design Case study

Premium Interior Design collaboration

You are looking for a close collaboration for the design of your place. I get you covered.

During the Case Study, I’ll provide you with :

● 2 differents designs you can choose from ;

● My expertise and time to answer your questions, discuss the best options, help you with the choices ;

● Improvement of the chosen design following your feedback ;

● Detailed plans, images and references of colors necessary to guide your craftsman.

● ● ● ● ●

What do you think ? Ready to get started ?

Let’s have a first chat to share an overview of your project and check together which service is best suited for you.

A short contact form is waiting for you just below. Feed it with your name, email address, short info about what you need and your timing preference for the call.

I’ll come back to you by email with an appointment proposal.

After this first free call, I’ll come back to you with a quote and a questionnaire to know more about you, your tastes and your place. I’ll also provide you with an estimated time set.

A deposit will be needed to save your spot in my planning.

If you have some burning questions about how to work with me, a good way to start is to check the FAQ.

If you don’t find the answer there, the call will be the perfect time to ask.


Ready to go ? Send me a message below :

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