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    1 x The Interior Architect's Gift Card

    190 € incl.VAT

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    A quick reminder of what you are purchasing:

    The Interior Architect's Gift Card

    190 € VAT included

     A personalized paper card valid for 1 year;

     1,5 hour 1-on-1 Video Consultation with me;

     a written checklist of all the ideas they need to transform their interior.


    Some useful information:

    The Interior Architect's Gift Card is valid for one (1) year;

    ✚ There is no limitation regarding the number of rooms discussed;

    ✚ There is no space too small or too big;

    ✚ Any room in the housing can be discussed;

    ✚ After 1h30 consultation, the person will have the choice between stopping there or continuing at the hourly rate of 100 €/hour including VAT;

    ✚ The gift card service does not include plans or 3D;

    ✚ The gift card service does not deal with demolition, modification of partitions,... It can be a starting point for ideas but will have to be complemented by another service including plans and 3D;

    ✚ A refund is possible if the request is made within 14 days from the day of the order. The refund request must be made by email to contact@emilielagrange.com;

    ✚ If the beneficiary does not intend to use the gift card, it is transferable but only to a limited extent because of its personalization;

    ✚ Under no circumstances should this gift card be resold;

    ✚ For more information, the FAQ is here.

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