The Interior Architect's Gift Card

We’ve all been there. Struggling to find the perfect gift, the one which will create a twinkle in the eye of the one receiving it...and ending up with offering unnecessary objects and meaningless gift cards for 100 books...

Why not be the game changer this time ?

Many people procrastinate over the redesign or renovation of their interior. It can be through lack of time, struggling to find inspiration or simply not having the money to hire an interior architect to give the solution. Sometimes, it’s the combination of all three.

Offering The interior Architect’s Gift card, it’s allowing the people you love to get the help they need with their interior. All of us, we sometimes need this little nudge from people we love. The one gesture which will take the thorn out of our side and help us take the step forward.


For Christmas, housewarming party, birthday or any other day, on your own or by joining several people together, you can help.


• • •  What’s included in the Interior Architect's Gift Card  • • •


The gift card represents:

 1,5 hour 1-on-1 Video Consultation with me;

 a written checklist of all the ideas they need to transform their interior.

By Skype, during up to 1,5 hour, we will talk and I will bring solutions and ideas for their interior. To make sure they don't miss anything later when changing their place, they will get a written report of our talk by email.

Bonuses on the way :

 A real paper card to be offered;

 One full year to use it, either in their actual home or the one they will acquire during the year;

 Access to a dedicated « welcome » webpage on emilielagrange.com;

 My questionnaire to get clarity on what they want, to tell me who they are and what are their tastes before the consultation;

 High flexibility to choose the time of the appointment;

 Open dialogue to express all their questions and doubts.


The gift card can help solving :

 Layout of the space

↳ position of furniture, lighting, ideas for on-measure furniture.

 Decoration Makeover

↳ Choice of colors, style and dimensions of furniture and lights, decoration tips.

 Organisation & Optimisation

↳ Solving lack of storage, layout of small spaces, organisation tips.

All spaces of the home can be discussed, kitchen as well as bathroom, bedroom or even a studio apartment.


"It's worth it, when you have like me little idea of decoration, to let yourself be surprised by her new and fresh ideas." - Ingrid

>> See Ingrid's project

• • •  How does it work ?  • • •


How it works for them :

They get a beautiful and shiny paper card with their name on it.

The card is valid for 1 year so they can start their project whenever they want during this time.

As a gift card holder, they will have access to a specific webpage, the starting point of the process.

There, they will find a quick form they can fill in at any time they want, telling me all about the help they need. Some pictures of their space will be needed to help me understand how it’s planned.

In return of email, I will ask them to choose which day and time is best for them to have our video-call.

The consultation will last for approx. 1,5 hour, during which we will go through their questions and doubts and I will give them ideas and advices.

After the consultation, they will receive by email a checklist of the ideas we’ve discussed so they can implement them in their home.

How it works for you :

As soon as you click on the « Offer The Interior Architect's Gift Card » button on this page, you’ll have a form to fill in with several informations like name, adress, who is the happy intended recipient,…

After validation, you’ll get a confirmation email and, a bit later an email from me with the invoice showing all informations for the payment. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see any email coming.

I get the gift card ready, and send it to you via regular post. You should expect it within 2 to 6 days.

The Gift Card will be active as soon as the payment is complete.

"I appreciated Emilie's flexibility, her very useful advice and especially the speed of execution: just a few days after our call, I had a very detailed file with photos to illustrate and very good advice always argued."- Hélène

Ready to see twinkling eyes ?

The interior architect’s gift card

190 € 


Offer The Interior Architect's Gift Card


• • •  Who will they be dealing with ?  • • •


Be sure that the one you want to spoil with such a beautiful gift will be taken care of. I will be the only person to handle their project from the first email to the skype meeting and the editing of the report.

But who am I exactly ? My name is Emilie Lagrange, I’m interior architect and my goal is to help people make the most of their interior. I’m always eager to make every home the best place to be for each and everyone of my clients by giving them personalized and original ideas. My speciality is to transform the structure of dwellings and Compact living is my little sweet sin.

I’m deeply convinced that the good optimisation and the beauty of an interior have a positive impact on our everyday life. For me, the quote by Saint-Exupery « It’s truly useful since it’s beautiful » says everything. To pursue my goal, in 2015, I moved from Paris to Stockholm, home of the scandinavian design and the art of wellness at home.

If you feel like it, you’re welcome to read more about me and my story on my About page or in this blogpost.


• • •  Frequent questions & Conditions  • • •


How many rooms does it covered ?

There is no limitation on this point. The discussion can be about one or several rooms. The only limiting factor is the timing. The gift card offers up to 1,5 hour.

✚ Is there a limitation for the size of the space ? What is too small, what is too big ?

Like for the question above, there is no limitation but the duration of the skype meeting. No space is too small, no space is too big. The timing is up to 1,5 hour. If it happens that the discussion reaches this limit and there are still questions to be answered, then I will point it out. They will be able to choose between stopping there or continuing the talk on a hourly rate (100€/hour)

✚ What kind of rooms are covered ?

All kind of residential spaces can be discussed. Here is a non-exhaustive list : kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, entrance hall, dressing room, bedroom, kid’s bedroom, master bedroom, home-office, playroom, library room, store room, laundry room, cellar, garage, attic, studio apartment, staircase, corridor,…

✚ Will they get plans and 3D ?

No, the Gift Card does not include this kind of visuals. After the consultation, they will get a written summary of the advices and ideas we talk about. It will be like a checklist guiding them when they will do the changes. If some rough sketches are done during the meeting to explain a point, they will be included in the report.

✚ I know they would like to demolish, open walls, etc… Does the Online Consultation included in the Gift Card handle this kind of questions ?

The gift card alone doesn’t handle all questions about changing the structure of the building (moving partitions, opening walls,..). When speaking about this kind of important renovation, studying the project with plans and 3D is needed and the Gift Card does not include those services. If you know the person is open to hire an interior architect at some point, this Gift Card can be a start and an opening to other services I'm offering. If you have any doubts, not knowing if the Gift Card is a good fit or not, you can ask me by sending an email to contact@emilielagrange.com


How long is the card valid ?

The Gift Card is valid for one (1) year starting the day it’s created. The expiration date will be written on the back of the card.

Is it possible to get a refund ?

If you change your mind, you can exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days, starting the day on which you place your order. You can send me an email at contact@emilielagrange.com to do so. If the payment was already done, you’ll get a full refund within 14 days.

After the 14 days deadline, the interior architect’s gift card is not refundable.

Is it possible to pass the card to another person than the one it was intended to ?

I put no restriction to it as the card is not refundable and it would be a shame nobody can enjoy it. The only thing is, the card will be personalised with the name of the initial recipient so it’s recommended to give it to someone you know and who will be aware of the detail and accept it.

Please note the card should not be subject to any kind of profit by selling it away.

In any case, if you (or the recipient of the card) realise you won’t use it and plan to give it to someone else, please inform me by sending an email to contact@emilielagrange.com.


If you have any other questions, related to the way I generally work or the possibility of online interior architecture, you can have a look in the FAQ section here.

Want to be a life changer ?

The interior architect’s gift card

190 €


Offer The Interior Architect's Gift Card

Any hesitations, doubts, or questions before purchasing ? Send me an email at contact@emilielagrange.com and tell me what’s bothering you. I’ll do my best to help.

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