Inspiration: 10 Stairs for Small Spaces

Sometimes, when planning a small space, there’s no better option than optimising the height to have room for every functionnalities of a perfect home. Creating a mezzanine or a second floor truly helps getting extra area. But how not to waste it by setting up a huge stairs taking over all the space downstairs ? Playing with dimensions or visual effects, here are 10 inspiring stairs for small spaces.





Miller staircase


Alternating treads stairs


Like a shelf


Mission : Optimisation


Mission: Optimisation II








These examples are a drop in the ocean of what’s possible regarding stairs for small spaces !

A lot more inspiration is available on my Pinterest board. Inspiration you can then personalized after reading this article :)

Have you chosen the one you would like in your home ? Do you have a staircase in your small apartment (or house) you would like to share ? Please do so in the comments below !

Have an inspiring day !

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