Inspiration: 10 creative mezzanines

Speaking about stairs the last few weeks made me think of mezzanines of course ! Thinking about reaching the height of apartments or houses, seeing pictures of amazing heigh ceiling spaces,... Sometimes, it creates two real levels, with the proper height, and sometimes, there's just enough space to stand under the ceiling. In any cases, mezzanines, like staircases, are a good way to have fun in interior design. For this post, I've selected 10 creative mezzanines to show you how.

Stunning color


Terracotta tiles




Metallic diagonal


Colorful glass


Uncluttered wood






Optimised Storage


Vertical lines



Amazing, right?

Which one is your favorite? I must say I really like the first one with the green shelves. It really cought my eyes...but maybe just because it's my color :)

What about your home? Do you have a mezzanine in your house or apartment? What makes you proud of it or is there something you would like to change to make it look more original? Share your thoughts in the comments below :)

As usual, you can get more inspiration for your project by visiting my Pinterest account or contact me directly if you need some extra help.

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