Indoor Garden: The 5 essentials

Winter garden is usually considered as a luxurious element at home. Of course, it’s easy to have in mind the beautiful veranda of the 19th century all made of light metalic structure, completely transparent and full of a thick tropical forest. But since 2016, the trends « jungle » and « boheme » are giving a new image and make it possible to get an indoor garden, even in an apartment. The thing is, having plants in an interior is clearly not impossible but creating the feeling of a real garden is something else ! Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when creating your corner of paradise no matter its size.

#1 Accumulation

The first thing that makes the beauty of a garden. As soon as you choose a place close to daylight, you can put as many plants as you like and 5 is a real minimum. At all times, garden were created to offer some hidden places, so keep that in mind. Well, you will probably not be able to create Versailles in your apartment (or maybe…. ?!). At least, focus on having close proximity between your plants and, at best, hide completely the background. How to make this easier without spending 6 hours per week watering your plants ? Use a wallpaper which imitate a tropical forest as a background, you will need less plants to create the luxuriant effect :)


#2 Diversity

It’s kind of obvious : have you ever seen a garden with the same plants in every corner ? Of course not :) Different plants, ok, but have you also think about all other differences you can play with ? Colors ? Shapes ? Size ? Flowering or not ? Climbing or not ? Ground-covering or not ? It’s usual to find always the same greeny medium-size plants in interiors. The fact is, there are so many more varieties ! Do not hesitate to play with them. Why not at least one of each kind ? A big one to reach the ceiling, one suspended from the ceiling to reach the floor, a flowering one, a medium one with round red leaves and a small one with thin green-yellow leaves.


#3 Volume

It’s related to the previous point. Like an outdoor garden, it’s important to think in 3D : different rows, several heights and different number of plants for each levels. If you want to create the feeling of a natural garden or even forest, you should act on 2 of these points. In case you don’t have enough space, think about suspending plants from the ceiling or on the wall and choose different varieties to create different effects.


#4 Comfort

Winter gardens look so tempting because it’s usually showing a beautiful chair in the center of a tropical forest. Just by seeing a picture spotting this scene, we can feel how peaceful it is. To make the best of your indoor garden, choose a place where you can sit next to it, in a chair that you love. Or a couch if you have enough room for it. At least, create your indoor garden in a room where you spend most of your time and in a place where you can see it when you stop and relax. The closer you are from it, the more powerful the peaceful effect will be.


#5 Trees

Yes, I’m still speaking about indoor garden. And it’s actually connected to #3 about Volume. Don’t you feel that we rarely dare to bring really high plants in our interior ? That’s what I feel. But honestly, which garden doesn’t have trees ? For indoor, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t speak about an oak in the center of the living room (even if it would be great!). I mean all plants that grow higher than 1,50m. Some plants can reach 3 meters and still work indoor. Why not enjoying a rainy afternoon, reading in the shadow of your indoor tree ? I’ve spotted names like Areca, kentia, Ficus,…


Tempted to bring nature inside ? I am :)

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Enjoy your day !


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