Indoor garden : How to take it easy ?

If you're like me, you never know how long a plant will stay alive in your home. That’s the hard truth : some people have green fingers and others...simply don’t ! But do you really have to deprive yourself from having an indoor garden just because of this little statement ? Certainly not ! I took some time to look for solutions for my « Greenery Dummies » friends and I hope the following ideas will help you to take it easy ! If you are interested by one of them, be sure to check for more informations about the maintenance, to be sure it fits your needs (and abilities!).


This plant is truly genius ! No soil, not much watering, this kind of plant is just perfect for people who don’t want to spend hours throwing water all around their place. The real name is Tillandsia and this kind of plants absorb water through their leaves, meaning, they absorb humidity that’s around them. Kind of magic, right ? The good thing is, some species of Tillandsia don’t even have roots. It means you can hang them here and there, on every kind of support. Maybe you’ve already spotted them on pictures for interior design ! Their sober aesthetics make them fit perfectly in a minimalistic decor.




Ok, maybe this one is not totally for beginners but it has the reputation to be quite easy to maintain. Coming directly from Japan, the Kokedama is super fashionable since the 90s. It consists in creating a ball of soil around the roots of a small plant and traditionaly covering it with moss. The weight of your kokedama will tell you if it needs water and the only thing to watch carefully is to be sure the moss always gets humidity (but not too much). The truth is, now the Kokedama is really trendy, some of them exist without moss ;) With its clean lines and this unique japanese way to showcase Nature indoor, the Kokedama will bring a true originality to your interior. Good news ? Kokedama can be set up both resting peacefully on a plate or suspended in mid-air like a small planet.


Aquaphyte Design


I think we can say the cactus is the king of interior decoration in 2017. And the winner of indoor plants for lazy people :) Watering 1 or 2 times a week during summer and nearly no water at all during winter. To be perfectly clear, the only risk for a cactus to die is actually the excess of water ! I think that’s the best deal ever. And probably that helps to its actual success. I can’t forget to mention the large number of species making nearly impossible not to find the one you love. Thorny or not being the most important point in my opinion, specially if you have kids. Which one I would choose ? The echeveria and the cereus peruvianus for their classic and timeless look, the aloes polyphylla and the cereus forbesii for the fantastic and completely magic geometry !


Picture Emilie Lagrange


Another style, another trend. If you really don’t feel like taking care of any plants, this is probably your last chance to get your corner of nature in your home ! You can catch leaves from your favourite plant or some wild flower during your sunday afternoon walk, and put them in a frame. Before closing it in forever, you will take time to press it for few days between 2 sheets of paper until it’s perfectly dry and flat. For a better effect, show them pressed between 2 plates of glass. Another option can be to have botanical illustrations of different kind, old school scientific illustrations being the most trendy.


Copenhagen Wilderness

Tempted by one of these options ?

Personally, I should buy some frames to start creating my herbarium. I already have several leaves I’ve collected last autumn. I always like to keep all these pieces of wonderful colors ! Herbarium would be the good solution to finally bring them out.

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Have a wonderful day !


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