Indoor Garden : Houseplant wishlist 2017-2018

After this full #GreenyGreenery month, you are all ready to create your indoor garden ! You've chosen a space in your home, you know how you will set up your greeny beautiesall stands are here to welcome the houseplants.

But which plants ?

This one can be tricky because, if you have checked on internet about which plants to choose, you probably realized there are loooaaads of differents species. Even saying 'loads of species" is not strong enough to describe how many plants exist. So, here you are with a "little" list to get you started!

From houseplant trend of this year 2017 to the coming 2018, I’ve wandered around and collected names and pictures of the most interesting (aesthetically speaking) houseplants. And since I’ve discovered so much, I’ll also share with you my personal selection :)

Enjoy !

● ● ● Houseplant trend 2017 ● ● ●





● ● ● Houseplant trend 2018 ● ● ●





● ● ●

Still here ? Congrats ! Here are my bonuses :




Did you find the plant(s) of your dream ? Great ! Now, the best thing to do is to check the needs of each plants to be sure it works for you. Also, if you have animals at home, be sure that the plants are not toxic for them (Caladium are!) But before that, I would love to hear what’s your own selection, so please, share it in the comments below :)

Time for the #GreenyGreenery month to take some rest now and let another month begins ! Be sure to come back around here next week to discover the new theme and you can also follow on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Have a great day !