Home office do’s and don’ts

Limits between home and office are a bit blurry these days. Technology and internet have shaped a new society in which more and more people are working at home. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or an employee working from home once a week, maybe you’re a superbusy businessman/-woman bringing work at home during the weekend. It doesn’t matter, you will face the same fact : you need a space to work at home. But it’s not always easy when home is not meant for it. Let me help you with some Home office do's and don'ts.

Let these 10 Home office do's and don'ts guide you...



Hopefully these little pieces of advice will help you do wonders in your job. To increase your chance of success, be sure to visit and take some inspiration on my Pinterest Board for workspace or in my list of 15 desks inspiration.

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Now, back to work until weekend is here !



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