Frequently Asked Questions

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Don’t you need to see the space to know how to change it ?

That’s the magic ! No, indeed I don’t need to visit a place to say what should be done to make it more practical and beautiful. Actually, it has always been easier for me to imagine the transformation of a space without seeing it before. Maybe that has something to do with one of my eyes not working, meaning that I don’t perceive 3D anyway and being in the space or not doesn’t change anything. In short, my brain is super-trained to recreate the 3D effect in my mind !

It feels strange to talk about my home with a person I don’t know and I will never meet. Can I know more about you before starting ?

That’s completely understandable and I think it’s fair enough to tell you more about me ! If you haven’t read it yet, you can visit my « About me » page to have an outline of my story as an interior designer. If you want to know about me in a less conventional way, you can read the full story here on the blog. Of course, the first free consultation can also be the perfect way to learn more about me and ask all the questions you need.

How can I be sure I’ll like your ideas ? How can I be sure my money will not be wasted ?

I could tell you that my ideas are amazing and there’s no doubt you will like them. OR I could tell you that I offer the guarantee to do my best to reach your satisfaction. Indeed, as soon as you get my design proposal, you are free (and invited) to tell me what you think about the ideas I’m giving you. If you don’t like it, never mind, I’ll find you an other ! The 10-days window at the end is here for that too. During all this time, I’m at your disposal to answer all your questions and do my best to meet your satisfaction.

Are there different ways to be in touch with you during the project ? Or is it just email ?

There are many ways to be in touch with me ! I do my best to be as reachable as possible. Wherever you are, you can contact me by Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp and email. If you are lucky enough to be in Sweden or France, you can even reach me on the phone with 1 phone number available for Sweden and 2 for France !

I’m not in the same time zone as Sweden. Is it still possible to work together ?

Of course ! If you are living on the opposite side of the planet making it really difficult to plan a call, we can still work by email and text-messages. It’s really easy.

Is it possible to contact you after the project is done ? For example if I have an important question during the building work ?

2 questions in one !

First, so you know, for each of my services, I offer a 10-days window so you can ask me all your questions about the project. It’s a good time to get rid of any doubts still lying around !

Secondly, because I know some decisions during the building work can be tricky, specially because they can change the initial design, I offer an upgrade option to help you on that point. It gives you up to 2 hours of my time that you can use whenever you want. And because building work doesn’t usually offer the opportunity to have all questions at the same time, these 2 hours can be split into as many sessions as you need. For example, if we’re done with the first question(s) in 40 min, you still have 80 min at your disposal. This time can be used by calling each other or communicating by email or text messages. You can ask for this option at any moment and, as soon as the payment of 200€ (VAT included) is done, my time is yours !

I don’t have a plan of my place, what can I do ?

No worries at all, I’ve created a free and easy guide explaining the main steps to create it by yourself. You’ll just need paper, pens and a tape measure. You can ask me for the guide during our first call.

For the consultation, what happens if there is not enough time to talk about everything ?

Usually, in 1.5 hour, we have time to speak fully about 1 space. If you want to speak about more rooms or if it’s one bigger space with lot of points to discuss, then it will be possible for you to extend your appointment on an hourly rate (100 €/hour). When we are getting close to the end of the 1.5 first hour, I’ll tell you so you can decide if you want to continue or not. If you choose to continue on the hourly rate , we can decide to continue the discussion directly or take a new appointment.

Do you give references of colors, material or furniture  ?

Actually it depends.

References for furniture is a separate option available whatever service you ask for. It’s not directly included because some people don’t automatically want to change the furniture they already own. On the same idea, you’ll only pay for the type of furniture you want me to look for. For example, you can ask me for just a table or you can ask for the all living room.

For the colors and materials, it’s different between the « Interior design consultation » and the others services, « kick-start » and « case study ».

During the interior design Consultation, I will mention the tone of colors or type of material, but no specific information like brands or references.

If you are interested, you can add them in option.

These informations are directly included in « kick-start » and « Case study » as they are full part of the design.

When we will talk about your project during the first free consultation, tell me about your needs and we will find the best service for you.

I’m not in Sweden, will I find here the furniture or other products that you are suggesting ?

I usually suggest brands that are available worldwide (and not just Ikea !). Either because they have shops in different countries or because they are available online with worldwide delivery.

If, by mistake, it happens that you realise a product is not available in your city, just tell me and we will find a similar product in another brand.

I’d like to work with you but I’m really not sure I have the budget for it…

Hiring an interior designer is an investment and I am completely aware of that. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be added on top of your budget. Indeed, it is part of it. And if your budget is limited, don’t forget that, even if your budget will be even more limited by hiring me, I’ll be able to give you original ideas. Ideas to make your place more unique than what you could get alone with your full budget.

What’s the usual schedule for your different services ?

Several elements have on influence on the schedule. The service you decide to take, the size of the project, the time you need to get all the informations ready and also my own availability.

During the free consultation, I’ll be able to give you an estimation of the schedule.

But I can already give you an idea :

For the Interior design Consultation, you can plan on 2 weeks between the planning of the appointment and the time when you get the report after the consultation.

The Interior design Kick-start take between 2 and 3 weeks as soon as I get all the informations needed. Again, it will also depend on the size of the project.

The Interior Case Study is usually around 1 month or more as we will discuss the project several times and in detail.

I need to get my project really quickly. Faster than your usual schedule. Is it possible ?

If your project is urgent, we can of course agree on a specific schedule.

As it probably means I’ll need to postpone other client’s projects and work out of usual office hours (evening and / or weekends) I apply a « rush fee » of 45 % on the quotation.

What do I get with you that I would not get by simply looking for ideas by myself on internet ?

You will clearly save time and lot of confusion.

So many informations are available on internet but you will never find the direct answer to your unique question and problem. Probably you will even get out of it with more doubts than before. I’ll bring you ideas based on you, your life, your home and my expertise. Being able to discuss every point directly with me guarantee that the solution you’ll get is perfectly adapted to the place by matching your tastes at the same time.

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