Hey ! I’m Emilie

I can help you change any space you choose into an interior made for you.


I help owners transform their place by giving them creative ideas.  

This is the story of how I went from a school project to a life-long vocation of designing interiors.


Long long time ago...

I fell in love with interior design when I was 14 and living in the middle of nowhere, in France. During a class in school, we were asked to plan a new classroom. Taking measurements, drawing a blueprint, using small pieces of paper in place of the furniture, I had so much fun ! I started searching careers’ magazines to find out if this could be a real-life job after school. Space planning, volume creation, puzzle resolution : interior design was the perfect match for me.

That’s how it all started.

I drifted through school without problems (but without caring either) because all I cared about was the next step : ESAIL, the higher school for interior architecture in Lyon, France.

I graduated 5 years later, my very first and exciting professional experiences in my pocket !

During the next 4+ years, I lost myself in the small world of TV set design, in Paris. I put my personal life aside and dived deep into this crazy but creative world. In the team for international projects, we mastered long distance work, creating flat-pack sets, swedish style, like nobody else. Our decor are shipped to Qatar, South Africa, Europe or US which is great but the ephemeral aspect of the job was too disturbing for me - creating spaces that would be dismantled just a few weeks later was disheartening.

Following my destiny (no less !)

I really prefer solving puzzles squeezed between 4 walls, designed for a person, to meet their particular requirements. I love to create a useful and beautiful design meant to last.

I started my own business and quickly realized I can easily understand people and am able to ‘feel’ spaces even without seeing them. My vision is actually clear where lot of people see confusion and tricky puzzles.

In 2015, I took these skills, my international experience, my interior architect’s soul and my newly inspired life in Stockholm, Sweden,to put my business online. This way, I can offer to every owners what I’m doing best :

Creating ideas to transform confusing spaces into interior made for them.


→ If you are struggling to find ideas to renovate your place, I can help you.

→ If you have doubts about your own ideas and would like a professional's point of view before starting your renovation, I can help.

→ If you are looking for a creative and uniquely-designed interior, I can help.



Emilie Lagrange is an interior architect known for the efficiency and the careful elegance of her designs, combining her French culture and her life in Sweden.

She is graduated from the ESAIL, higher school for interior architecture in Lyon, France and has a solid experience with long-distance international projects.

For more informations about working with Emilie, click here.

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