Which cold color for a trendy interior in 2018 ?

Few months ago, I was back from the international fair Maison&Objet in Paris. It was clear that warm colors like pink, burgundy and ochres were favorites for the years to come. But in the background, discreetly disappearing in the shadows, cold colors were creating a solid, intimate and comforting atmosphere. Without noticing, they were assuring the balance for the 2018 color palette and annoncing that they were ready to introduce their deepest tones back in our homes. Question is, which are these cold colors creating trendy interiors in 2018 ?

Back in the 20’s

restaurant art deco style with dark wall and velvet chairs

Hotel Le Roch Paris by Sarah Lavoine

Gatsby is back, Art deco is here again. We saw this coming for several years and we are now reaching the ultimate point. Since 2012, graphics are back when gold, copper and brass are succeeding one another. But one thing has still been missing : the dark, luxurious, deep colors making all spaces confidentials and only waiting for some Champagne to glitter in elegant glasses. Are you feeling the atmosphere ?

Between the opulence of a velvet sofa and the elegance of a marble table, now is coming the mysterious Night Blue and Forest Green.

A blue as dark as a night two hours before sunrise, a green as deep as a nordic forest at twilight. These two powerfull colors have the power to make us settle down and want to whisper. That’s why they are both chosen to be the trendiest cold colors for the year to come. They fulfill several of our needs. The need to create a strong link with nature, to slow down and disconnect and, at the same time, bring some momentum to our home by putting a definite end to the monochromic pale spaces of the last years.

living room with navy blue walls and dark green sofas

Source Pinterest

Night or Navy

Like I’ve explained in my post about the effects of cold colors, blue has the power to help us relax and calm down. It’s a meditative color and that’s probably why it has the preference above all other dark colors. Consciously or not, we deeply need it.

Either in a bright or a dark room, Night Blue will create the feeling of protection, disconnecting you from the outside world. If you’ve already experienced being outside or even only awake in the middle of the night, you know that it’s a mysterious moment in a day. It makes you feel out-of-time as every creature in your area is asleep. The atmosphere, the noises when everything has stopped but you, makes you stop in your tracks. Night Blue on your walls or furniture will recreate this for you, helping you to disconnect after a hard day of work. It’s perfect for your living room or your bedroom.

Afraid of it being too heavy, sinister or cold ? Highlight it with brass details, green accessories as well as green marble and other tones of blue, lighter or more vivid, in a beautiful camaïeu. You can also play with textures, creating contrast between mat materials and polished ones. Reflection of the lights on shiny objects will bring brightness in your room.

bathroom with carrare marble wall and navy blue sink


Forest green

Forest green is probably more contemplative. In general, Green color is known to be a revitalising color, bringing harmony and a good balance of energy. Creating the feeling of being so close to Nature, it invites to slow down and to stay more aware of what’s happening around you at the same time.

It will create this kind of soft dynamic when Night blue will put nearly everything to a stop. When dark blue is about reaching a silent atmosphere, Forest green is more about being as silent as possible to be able to listen to what’s happening around you. That’s why I would recommend it for a living room, a kitchen, or a home office. Any room where you expect some activity, some movement.

living room with dark green color block on wall and furniture

Source Pinterest

Probably this dynamic is also coming from the idea of luxury and opulence that dark green represents, even more than dark blue. Does it have anything to do with the famous green dollar ? I have no idea. But if we are looking only about interior, we get the precious green marble, the rich match between green and golden color, the dark green leather standing next to exotic wood in Gentlemen’s clubs,…

Play with this richness in our home is a good source of energy to get back on track. Forest Green is perfectly matching different tones of blue, copper, soft pink or even dark purple for those who want to try a strong and original combination. Not forgetting of course, other tones of green color.

Pop and light version for spring

If you are not ready for deep dark colors in your home, luckily you will have some other choices. For Spring 2018, Pantone, the international reference for color trends, has announced some ligher and brighter cold colors.


Arcadia Green and Little Boy Blue by Pantone for Spring 2018

sofa on a blue stage

"Toad-stool" furniture by Masquespacio

Blue and Green staying at the front of the scenes will prevent you from changing all your decoration in 6 months. And by mixing the sparkling colors of spring with the deep Night Blue or Forest green, it will create the perfect balance that will make your space full of life. Camaïeu is by far the safest way to combine colors so why not give it a try ?

Leave with the essentials :

Night/Navy Blue :

- in your living-room, bedroom or any room where you need to rest

- Get along with Brass, Green and other tones of blue in camaïeu

- Play with matt and glossy textures to highlight it

- Mix it with the other trendy blue of 2018 : Little boy blue

Forest Green :

- in your living-room, kitchen, home office or any room you want to be active in

- Get along with Copper, Blue, Soft Pink, other tones of green in camaïeu and dark purple

- Play with matt and glossy textures to highlight it

- Mix it with the other trendy green of 2018 : Arcadia

bedroom with dark green walls and arcadia green headboard

Source Pinterest

Would you dare to paint one of your rooms with such deep colors ? In what proportions are you ready to introduce them in your home decoration ? Tell me all your thoughts on the subject in the comments below :)

Have a beautiful weekend !