How to partition a master bedroom

When speaking about master bedroom, there are usually 2 ways of thinking : open space or partition. I always choose to follow the second one. The most important for a space is to be practical at first. Then the idea of humidity from the shower filling the space of the bedroom doesn’t seem so appealing to me. Good thing is, creating a separation in the space doesn’t mean it has to be visually closed. Let’s see how to partition a master bedroom and keep it visually open at the same time.

#1 Invisible glass wall

Starting with the most visually-open version. Pure and with this idea of luxury, the glass wall will make you feel like you are living in a hotel room. It’s beautiful by its simplicity but not the easiest to create at home and not the less expensive either. On the other hand, it surely is the most flexible as you can choose differents finishes from transparent to translucent. You can even be really creative by mixing both and creating the pattern of your choice or by using stickers.


#2 Industrial glass wall

Glass wall again but in a different style and in a more affordable way. Industrial glass partition offers lot of possibilities too. Number of frames, size, pattern, color... Between black frames and white ones, your room will look completely different. You can even choose to have wooden frame if it matches your style. In that case too, the glass can be transparent or translucent. I don’t recommend to mix both or create a pattern though as it can become too busy with the frames.


#3 Openwork partition

Opening your mind to creativity ! Openwork partition offers a lot of options and patterns. Specially since laser cutting is so popular and quite easy to get done. But it doesn’t even need to be as complicated as laser cutting. Straight lines are still creating a clean and elegant visual and your carpenter will do it with great talent. Very flexible, you can choose the level of visual separation you want, depending on how many opening there are in the wall. You can also choose if you want to let the 2 rooms open on each other or if you prefer to add a glass wall to separate them completely.


#4 Mixed partition

To get a stronger feeling of separation between the bedroom and the bathroom (or dressing room too), mixed partition is a good option. It can make the layout of your master bedroom easier as the lower part offers a wall to put furniture in front of it. This part can even be a piece of furniture itself. Choose the combination than suits you best : wall+industrial glass partition, wall+furniture, furniture+openwork partition, …


#5 Piece of furniture

A made to measure piece of furniture has the great advantage of offering 2 functions. It will create an opaque separation between the 2 spaces and giving you plenty of storage at the same time. A good way to optimize the bedroom, specially in small spaces. Of course, all possibilities exist as you can also create shelves which will keep a visual opening between the bedroom and the other space.


Invisible glass wall, Industrial glass wall, openwork partition, mixed partition, furniture. Between these 5 ideas of how to partition a master bedroom, which one do you prefer and would like to use at your place ?

I personally love to create partitions as it means endless creativity :) If you are struggling with the layout of your master bedroom, send me a message here and I’ll be in touch with you.

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