Bedroom Do’s and Don’ts

Bedroom is probably the most important room in our homes.

Well, when we know that we are spending approximately 25 years of our life in it, surely, it can't hurt to pay little attention to its layout and decoration. Unfortunately, for the same reason, the list of bedroom do's and don'ts is endless ! Everything has to be so carefully thought that masses of advices are available on the web. Most of them usually conflicting with one another... But that's the price to pay to have the most restful sleep :)

To make it easier for you, I've created my own checklist, specially for you ! I share the points I'm careful about when creating a bedroom. Surely, not all these advices can be use in each and every room. As I explained, some of them are hardly working together and, most of the time, it will depends of the volume of the space.

You will see that I refer to Feng shui from time to time. Indeed, when preparing this post, I realized I was using it without even knowing. It means only one thing : when you don't know what to do, sometimes it can be best just to follow your feeling and instinct ;)

Now I've told you everything, here is my list of bedroom do's and don'ts :


Did you find some useful advice(s) you want to try without waiting ? Tell me which one, I'm interested to know :)

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Sweet dreams !