Bedroom : DIY headboard ideas

Have you already noticed your eyes always turn to the head of the bed when coming in a bedroom ? No matter if you are looking for it or not, there’s always this automatic movement. And that’s why your headboard has to be prepared to show off at any time ! There are 2 ways to do it : either buy one or create your own DIY headboard.

Want to try ? It doesn’t matter (so much) if you are a crafty person or not as I’ve selected ideas for every level of talent. Choose your favorite material and let me give you some inspiration :)

WOOD DIY Headboard

Aaah, wood. My favorite material. So many aspects, colors… and possibilities !

Simple is great, as well as more elaborate pattern. If you want a squared headboard, or any other simple shapes, you can still add an original touch by choosing the right kind of wood. Compressed wood or any other wood species you like will do. If you are looking for a more unique style for your headboard, you can also choose to cut it out. No need to go for intricate lines and stress you out as straight lines can give an even more elegant style. Finally, if you are part of the most patient DIY-enthusiast, go for wood brackets and create a beautiful lined pattern which will transform your headboard in a piece of art. Study your pattern on paper first and … good luck !



If that’s not an easy one, I don’t know which one will be ! Wallpaper is a ridiculously simple solution with an infinite number of options. From black and white to colors, uncluttered to fanciful, graphics to photorealistic, there is no limit. The only thing will be not to go crazy and choose your favorite product wisely. It will depend of the style of your place, your other piece of furniture and the volume of the room.


PAINTED Headboard

The flexible option. That’s easy : if you want to spend only few hours or days to create your headboard, it’s your call. Just think about what you want, the effect you want to create and how long your patience will go on. But let me give you a piece of thinking before you start. It’s so tempting to think that the easiest shape to paint is a square but 2 straight lines are actually able to create a more impactful visual as soon as we put them in an unexpected way. So take few minutes to think about it and don’t be afraid to get of the beaten track.



Recycle, repurpose. You can be sure that recycle is always the good decision for the most trendy interior. Salvaged wood with a touch of colors, natural wood boxes, carpet tiles, woolrug,… Possibilities are as many as your imagination can create them. Look around you and look at every objects with your headboard project in mind.



Textile is probably the most common material used for headboards. Maybe that's the first material which came to your mind when starting to read this article because it’s the one we see most of the time. Just like paint, textile gives a wide range of possibilities and, once again, you will be able to easily think out of the box if you take some time for it. Indeed, as soon as you use wood panels with foam, your fabric will just follow the shape. Of course, you are sure to get the best results with straight lines but it still leaves you with plenty of design possibilities.



You have a talent ? Let’s set up a real exhibition with your best masterpiece here. Weaving, embroidery, origami, macrame, string art, pyrography, wood cutting,… Create your own and you’ll be sure your neighbours don’t have the same (except if you create one for them too!) Before starting, consider that the piece has to be quite big to create the best effect, if it’s not the full wall or height, so be sure you will have the time and patience to go all the way through the process.


Well ? What’s your plan ? Have you already taken out a piece of paper and a pen to sketch some ideas ? I must say the wood brackets pattern made my brain rush a little :)

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Happy sunny day


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