Emilie Lagrange's portraitInterior architecture is self-evident.

It is the evidence of a comfortable, practical space, suited to everyday life and at the same time bringing that aesthetic beauty which feels good.

Interior design was my vocation. Early, immediate, inexplicable.

Destined to constantly bring the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, I started studying at ESAIL, School of Interior Architecture in Lyon, France, in 2003, to get to the core of the topic.
From 2008, the logic and natural dimension of my vocation allows me to follow an atypical career path, going through the different industries connected to the discipline, without ever losing track of the fundamental. TV studios, events, design, retail or residential architecture, online interior design,... Always combining style with function, creativity with rationality.

Previously in Paris, now from Stockholm, my key words to help you remain the same:

Understanding of who you are, what your daily life is and what you need;

Efficiency of a design that fits your expectations, your dreams and your budget;

Harmony of a place that speaks to you, suits you, naturally.





Émilie Lagrange is a French interior architect specialized in residential projects.
Established in Sweden since 2017, she is known for the smart efficiency and careful elegance of her designs, combining her French culture with the Scandinavian influence of her adopted country.
Émilie Lagrange is a graduate of ESAIL, School of Interior Architecture in Lyon, France, and works from Stockholm to Scandinavia, France, Europe and International, both locally and online.

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"I LOoove it"

"Émilie quickly caught my interest with her ideas which were completely in tune with my tastes while bringing the discreet but sufficient originality I was looking for to avoid having an interior "like everyone else". She is super attentive to both tastes, wishes, dreams and most importantly studies with you the viability according to your budget and way of life as well as bringing various solutions. I want to emphasize that she is a pleasant person, approachable, and very professional in the sense that you can rely on her, you will always get a quick answer! Thank you Émilie for the way you transformed my home! I LOooove it"

Sonia - Clermont-Ferrand, France


"Wise and very relevant advices, unfailing availability"

I reached out to Émilie as a friend already worked with her to change the layout of her apartment and she was very happy with her work.
What I liked: Émilie's flexibility, her very useful advices and above all the responsiveness. Almost all her proposals suited me, but if I had any doubts, we could discuss and work again on some questions. I really appreciated her availability and the fact that she adapted to my request. Above all, she perfectly understood my goal: to create storage spaces to visually unclutter and " lighten " the apartment.

The renovation has now been completed and I am extremely satisfied with the result. Émilie helped me to take my ambitions further and make my wishes a reality. She always knew how to advise me and did a remote follow-up as complete as if we had seen each other face to face. I am very grateful for her work and will not hesitate to call her again if I need any changes in this apartment (or any other!). Thanks to her!"

Hélène - Paris, France


" Émilie managed to turn constraints into advantages."

"Absolutely awesome! Émilie has ingeniously and perfectly met our expectations, both in terms of space design and budget. The solution is both functional and aesthetic. It takes full advantage of what already exists (windows, drains, load-bearing walls, etc.), as we had hoped: Émilie managed to turn these constraints into advantages. We look forward to the building work and highly recommend Émilie's services!"

Guillaume & Victoria - Paris, France

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"Icing on the cake is the touch of originality (perforated metal sheet) we would never have thought of."

"Thank you for the excellent work! First of all, we really appreciated Émilie's questionnaire which is very well designed. It allows us to express our style and what we are looking for. The result shows that Émilie understood perfectly what we wanted! And the icing on the cake is the touch of originality (perforated metal sheet) we would never have thought of:). Thank you again.

Olivier - Bussy-Saint-Georges, France

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"It was a true moment of exchange during which I learned a lot."

"A few pictures of the space, a few hints about the desired atmosphere and Émilie suggested a harmony of colours for my living room and my entrance, explaining each choice ( reference to the colours of the furniture I have decided to keep, balance of volumes between the two rooms...). Émilie, with her communicative cheerfulness, has been listening to my feelings as all this shakes up a lot of preconceived ideas and triggers a lot of questions; Very responsive during these first intense hours, we discussed one point at a time in order to lift doubts and before taking action.

What is reassuring is that Émilie was able to give me an explanation for each suggestion, make them evolve according to my feedback and thus combine the originality of a design (without giving in to fads) while keeping the functionality of the rooms; it was a true moment of exchange during which I learned a lot. It's worth it, when one has like me little idea of decoration, to be surprised by her new and refreshing ideas; the motto for my living room was classic-punchy and what a change, yet we didn't push the walls!"

Ingrid - Sartrouville, France

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"A perfectly finalized solution, embellishing our space."

"A close attention has been paid to answer the rather vague ideas we had in order to optimize them and provide us with a finished result that is both precise and detailed. The aesthetic aspect is also one of Émilie Lagrange's main concerns. She offered us a perfectly finalized solution, embellishing our space. She also listened to us when our insights led us to change some points."

Véronique - Paris, France

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"Punctual, reliable, well advised and good listener."

"The two-hour consultation with Émilie, which I received as a gift card for my housewarming party, was very useful and allowed me to consider new arrangements for my apartment that I had not considered before. Punctual, reliable, well advised and good listener, Émilie knows her work inside out and has offered me tangible and financially viable solutions. In addition, her prompt delivery of plans and sketches by e-mail shows conscientious work. Don't hesitate to call on her!"

Charles - Clichy, France

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Behind the scenes

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