15 desks Inspiration

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to manage laptop and paperwork on the couch or on the dining table. Let’s face it, it’s neither comfortable or really efficient to work this way. And I don’t even mention the case when you have children (hello nightmare). Do you feel you don’t have any other choice ? You’re missing space ? Missing money ? Before settling on this situation, take a look at this list of 15 desks inspiration and I’m sure it will show you some possibilities you didn’t think about.

Hanging desk

+ can easily be folded against the wall

-  at least 3 point of fixation in the wall

Blue hanging desk and shelf

Hang Desk by Trimm Copenhagen


Buy the legs, make the desk

+ can change anything you want into a desk

- limitation for size, supported weight and thickness of the board

desk with black metallic legs and eames chair

Large Tiptoe leg by Tiptoe


Rack and pinions

+ infinite combinations

- a very specific style, not suited to everyone

brass and dark wood rack and pinions bookshelves

Faithful ikea

+ easy to find

- easy to find (not original)

light wood desk in a corner

Lisabo by Ikea


Drawers shelf desk

+ compact WITH storage

- very limited comfort, only suitable for short station

White shelf with two drawers as a desk

2 in 1 desk

+ smart solution for small spaces


modulable wall mounted desk

Board desk

+ customizable and cheap

- the place should be chosen carefully to look nice

wood shelf as desk along a window

String system desk

+ modulable with lot of accessories

- design icon i.e. quite expensive

wall mounted modulable bookshelf by String system

DIY square desk

+ made to measure

- you have to decide everything (place, size, material,...)

wall mounted wood box as a desk

Vintage desk

+ give a function to an old table

- dimensions are not always ideal for work

vintage wod desk with scandinavian white chair

Simple desk

+ a design you can DIY (fabrication files for your local maker freely available here)

- classic shape

light wood and white laminated desk

Olivia by Joni Steiner for Opendesk

Leaning desk

+ foldable

- small dimensions are limiting to the use of a laptop only

small leaning foldable desk

Appunto by Eno Studio

Leaning and shelves desk

+ desk and storage with a limited footprint

- visually bulky in a small space

white leaning desk in a living room

Corner desk

+ optimize an unused corner of the space

- short station only, it's not enjoyable to stay in a corner for too long

white triangle corner desk

Bracket desk

+ easy and cheap

- Choice of brackets and board should be done carefully to get a nice style

kid's room with a bracket desk


15 desks inspiration only for your home ! They won't be all suitable for your situation depending of your needs but, hopefully, it gives you a glimpse at some possibilities.

For more ideas, you can even take a look at my "Workspace" Board on Pinterest

Don't forget to tell me which is your chosen one in the comment below, I would love to discover your choice.

Have a wonderful day !