10 steps to get clarity on your Home project

A renovation or decoration project always starts with the same words : "We should change the [insert room/furniture here] ". If you plan this transformation without a professionnal to guide you, you will probably start directly to reach for all kind of informations available...until you get lost. The key is to get perfectly clear on your goal from the beginning. To guide you, I share below 10 questions I ask my clients to help them define clearly what is the purpose of the transformation and which result they want to have in their home.

1. Choose your game level

What’s your ambition ? What kind of change do you feel ready to handle ?
Decoration / furniture / paint ?
Renovation / Rip out & redo / Transform ?

In other words, do you want to take it easy and make sure all changes are easily removable or are you ready to destroy everything to create a brand new place ?

2. Where and Why

Where ? List the space(s) or piece of furniture concerned by your plan.

Maybe this question seems simple but it’s always necessary to double-check. Maybe some smaller needs or wishes will show up and could be done (or would be wise to do) at the same time.

Why do you want this to change ?

Even if your plan is only to buy another sofa, ask yourself why. It can reveal a reason which needs other changes in your room (and maybe not your couch anymore...)

3. Dream your home

What are you expecting from the new version of your room ? Describe what would be ideal for you.

It’s important to be clear on your ideal vision. After all, if you start a whole project, let’s do it for real and try to get the best version of it.

4. List your needs

What are your practical needs ?

Be really specific and detailed. Do you need a washing machine in your bathroom ? A home office ? More storage ? Tell yourself « It would be great to have... ». Because dreaming is nice as it opens possibilities but, at some point, it’s important to connect with the reality of everyday life.

5. Select your priorities

What is your priority ? The one you want to focus on ?

There’s obviously at least one main point or you wouldn’t plan any project. Maybe you won’t be able to get all the things you’ve described above so get clear on your priority is essential. Is it getting your space organized ? Lighter ? Change the atmosphere of the room ?

6. Stays in / Gets out

List what you want to keep by all means and what you want to get rid of once and for all.

An interior design project doesn’t mean you have to take everything down and start over. But at the same time, it’s an opportunity to do some cleaning and finally sort out what we want to keep and what should be removed. It can be family furniture you want to keep or a color you are tired of.

7. Define the limits

Pick your colors

Look for Color Chart on google and choose maximum 3 colors you would like to see in your home. If it’s difficult to limit your choices to 3 colors, make your selection in 2 times by starting with 5 or 6 and select 3 from them.

Define the style you like and you would like to get

Don’t rush to Pinterest or Magazines yet...or not too much. You have all your time to get in trouble ! Right now, you just need to be clear on words to descibe the style you want. Are you looking for a full-white interior, scandinavian style or colorful ?

Limit your choices from the beginning to avoid being overwhelmed by the possibilities later.

8. Your budget

Write down your budget and keep it under your eye

Probably you already have it in mind...or not. Money can be a tricky subject and people sometimes prefer to go with the flow instead of looking at the figures right in the face. But it’s another useful limit which will guide several of your decisions along the way. So be crystal clear about it.

9. Divide the work

Do you plan to make some changes or building by yourself or will you hire someone ?

List the tasks you will do and the one you will assign. It will help you see clearly who you are looking for, the quantity of work you will have to manage by yourself and how you can save money if you are a bit tight on your budget.

10. Ideas brainstorm

Out of the top of your mind, are there any materials, furniture or layout ideas you would like to implement in your new interior ?

Be as specific and detailed as you can. Like earlier, no Pinterest or magazines to help you on this one. The more you describe now by yourself, the less time you will waste looking for ideas around the web. Indeed, listing what you saw and liked few days or months ago will give you the first outline of your project.


Now you get all your answers, your project is ready to start !

You can use this roadmap by yourself or send it to me to get your interior designed by a pro.

The beginning of a new year means a lot of goals and projects on the go. That’s why I’ve decided to help you getting ready for your renovation or decoration project. Follow me on this blog or, even easier, ask for all the coming advices directly in your mailbox at the end of the month right here. Simple !

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Good luck and happy new year :)